C’mon- face it! We’ve all been born!

Knoxville’s Trop n’ Roll band Marina Orchestra is throwing a massive birthday bash for you! Why? Because everyone deserves a good birthday party. In traditional birthday fashion, there will be cake(-like substances), streamers and party favors. Feel free to dress up in your wackiest Halloween/Birthday costume (but not your birthday suit). 

Come on down to Scruffy City Hall on October 24, this party is for you! Also joining in on the fun is Cincinnati’s synth-rock quartet Founding Fathers and Knoxville’s own Madre.


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Contact: MarinaOrchestra@gmail.com

Marina Orchestra isn’t just another indie-rock band, it’s a seven-piece Trop n’ Roll extravaganza complete with back up singers, horn lines and poly-rhythms galore. They’ve been shaking up audiences with their euphoric brand of Rock n’ Roll which is steeped in African, Latin American and Caribbean musical styles. Driven by a desire to see ‘listening rooms’ transformed into ‘dancing rooms’- Marina Orchestra believes in the healing and uniting power of dance. The title of their 2014 sophomore album “Oceans” refers to the oceans of Marina Orchestra fans bobbing to their energetic live performances. “Everybody moves like the waves,” sings frontman Justin Powers “Ringing in another day”.

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