Jazz Fest Hangover


Jazz Fest in New Orleans is a great place to discover new music, like Jupiter & Okwess of DR Congo. A little research into the band and I learned that front man, Jupiter Bokondji is also involved in another great DRC band "Staff Benda Bilili". Jupiter & Okwess is electrifying to see live and their album Kin Sonic (only availible on Bandcamp at the moment) does them justice. 


In rare #MarinaGrooves form we're featuring two albums this week, only because we ALSO got to see the incredible Lakou Mizik of Haiti. Not only did we catch their set at Jazz Fest, we also saw them perform at Preservation Hall along side Jupiter & Okwess and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. This was a super jam I will not soon forget (see a quick clip on our instagram page). Lakou Mizik was formed after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The optimism and energy in this band is so inspiring. Enjoy our second pick of the week: Wa Di Yo by Lakou Mizik

Here we are enjoying our fun in the sun at Jazz Fest. That Marina shirt is no longer availible, but we're working on a brand new design coming your way soon!


Sweet Sweet Soukous

Kanda Bongo Man "Le Rendez-Vous Des Stades"

This week we're featuring Kanda Bongo Man with his album "Le Rendez-Vous Des Stades". This Congolese musician has been making music since the early seventies and still performs to this day. I'm not certain, but I have an inkling that this record is perhaps a compilation and not a true album, worth a spin either way.

The first song by Kanda Bongo Man I ever heard sounded suspiciously familiar, that's because Columbia's Tribu Baharu covered one of his songs on their album "Pa'l Màs Exigente Bailador". They changed the title from "Bili" (which is featured on this album) to "Ingrid", both versions of the song are solid gold in my opinion. Enjoy! 


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