Gasper Nali

Somewhere a while back I was online and stumbled upon a video of a man playing a very bizarre looking instrument. His music was so exciting and fun so naturally I wanted to know everything about him and his strange instrument.

A quick google search only led me right back to the video, and the video alone.  So I enjoyed the video knowing that that was all I was getting. Fast forward to this pastMonday and I saw his video reposted again and I watched him play his song again. I decided to do another google search since some time had passed since last time. Luckily A LOT of content popped up this time including even more videos and even two full albums! Enjoy the album Abale Ndikuwuzeni by Gasper Nali of Malawi playing his homemade bass guitar he calls a 'Babatoni'. Learn more about Nali by clicking here.